letters to my sons : december 2013

This is the third in a year long series of letters to my sons. Next in the circle is Sarah Davis — please visit her site after mine to travel along the full circle.



Before I was pregnant with G, I was a little concerned about the increasing gap between your ages. As the months went on, and so many of my friends were having children very close together, your dad and I wondered if the two of you would be close. Looking back, our concerns were so silly. Even at 4.5 and 17 months, you’re already the most hilarious duo.

N, you are such an amazing big brother. You take such great care of G, you goof around with him, you’re trying to teach him everything you know. You even wake him from naps sometimes just so you can play (despite the fact that you lose your precious mom / N time by doing that). Sometimes he can be a little annoying as he gets in to *everything,* but even then you almost always shrug it off and call him “destructo,” or say “oh, toddlers” with a friendly laugh. Admittedly your play gets a little rough now and then, but you always kiss and hug him and make sure he’s ok. I melt every time I see the two of you just being awesome together.

G, your world pretty much revolves around N. You do every single thing he does, even if it makes no sense at all. If N does it, you’re game. You love to tackle him. He will just be sitting somewhere and you suddenly appear, throwing all of your 22 pounds at him. It’s quite the sight. You’re rough and tumble, but a lover, too. For every tackle, you share a big bear hug. At night you try to snuggle up in bed with him, and I have to pluck you out and put you in your crib. N wants you to stay, but I’ve told him you’re too young. Once you’re out of your crib, I suspect I’ll find the two you curled up together regularly.

As an only child until the age of 21, I never anticipated how amazing your relationship would be. As much as I love being mom to each of you, I love being mom to both of you the very most.

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