letters to my sons : april 2014

This is the sixth in a year long series of letters to my sons. Next in the group is Courtney Karban — please visit her site after mine to travel along the full circle.


N, we just celebrated your fifth birthday. In so many ways you’ve been acting 5 (or 7, or 15) for a very long time. But in other ways, I can’t believe you’re actually five. You’ll play t-ball this Summer. And start Kindergarten this Fall. You’re reading bits to your little brother. You actually wanted to go to the kids area at Ikea this weekend, even though you would be all on your own. And you enjoyed it. (That’s a very, very big deal for you.) For the first time, you’re acknowledging that you’re “too big” for this, or that. You’re limbs are growing longer by the minute, and your knees are always banged up from your many, many adventures.

This is such a fun time to watch – you’re taking on new things, naturally learning and exploring, testing everything (ok, so that part is not always fun). It’s a time I want to savor. Last year I was actually a bit anxious about your summer off of preschool. I was still learning the balancing act of two kids, and you were in a fairly challenging phase. This summer I look forward to soaking up my time with you – before you are away from me 5 days a week.

You had a wonderful birthday. We had so much fun as a family on the actual day, and followed it up with a pretty big party the next weekend. I was surprised you wanted to invite so many kids, and worried your naturally shy tendencies. I didn’t have to worry. You played and laughed and celebrated and it was pretty much perfect.

You make a fantastic 5-year-old 🙂


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